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    Originally posted by bearcatbret View Post
    I like to go back to Rocky IV with Ivan Drago. With Drago saying "I must break you". That is how Vic is playing right now.
    Let's hope he doesn't get broken like Rocky did to Drago. Even against Houston and Memphis, Vik is almost dominating the post against really good competition. If he keeps up this type of play, and comes back next year, I can see next easily being his last year before NBA draft.
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      The DDJ thread got hijacked by the nickname Viktor Lahkin should or shouldn't have. So why don't some one who has an ear to the team ask what the players call him. It's the team that usually hangs the tag on a teammate, I would have never guessed MAW would have "Shoey" hung on him. Most of the time it's usually a derivative of their actual name. So who out there knows what his teammates call him. L


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        Now seems like a good time to point out that Viktor has his undergrad degree as of today. Congrats Vik.
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