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    With there being a lull in activity now that our roster for 23-24 is complete (barring any surprises) and the recent tease about new uni's stalled, I was wondering if anybody else thinks the gobearcats web site could use a little upgrading. Compared to some of the other schools, our web site introducing the players and coaches with their respective resumes and credentials is a little on the shall I say bland side. In these times when going after top graded recruits these players today have a need to hype and promote their brand. Especially in this NIL era. The web site now as it exists don't even have the players picture. With our going into the B12 I thought we could
    modernize our players exposure. At least this is something to converse about yes?
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    I don't disagree with your thoughts here and I'm sure there will be some redesign coming for July 1 to add Big XII graphics. However, you're going to have talk to Sidearm Sports and Learfield if you want a huge overhaul. They do a cookie cutter website for almost the entire NCAA and even some highschools. It's basically an out of the box product that everyone licenses and throws their own graphics on.
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      That explains why so many are similar. But I've noticed the last couple of years we haven't put pictures with our guys on the site. It used to be so.


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        The photos of players are still there. You just have to click on Roster - Card instead of Roster - List.


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          Thanks for the heads up


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