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Comparable scores, Houston vs. UC

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  • Comparable scores, Houston vs. UC

    I have seen Houston play on TV a couple times. They are no better than SMU. Here are some comparable scores from common opponents this year. The only game that they out did us was their win against Tulsa.

    SMU: H, 44-37 UC, 48-14

    USF: H, 54-42 UC, 45-28

    Navy: H, 28-20 UC, 27-20

    Tulsa: H, 45-10 UC, 28-20

    ECU: H, 31-24 (OT) UC, 35-13



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    I think we need to look not only at the score, but whether they were home or away, what time in the season, what were the key injuries. For example, Houston's win over Tulsa is even more impressive, given it was in Tulsa. I like the fact that both played South Florida in Florida in consecutive weeks as a data point. Nov 6th Houston 54-42 and Nov 12th Cincinnati 45-28. I don't know about injuries other than Ford. It looks like USF was leading at the half against Houston. Houston won the turnover battle 2-0, UC won 4-3. Houston punted 6 times to our 2.
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      MEH, those scores are not too meaningful to me because I think we played some base/vanilla schemes and the players didn't come out ready to play from the beginning. Houston is a good team, but if our Bearcats play their A game with coaches calling a less vanila scheme, then UC will easily reach your predicted 38-17 outcome, though it won't look as close as that score indicates. We will look back and say, it felt like we dominated that game - how did we win by only 3 TDs?
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        You can't really count the SMU game... Dykes was busy doing interviews and probably didn't put his full effort into game planning for the game vs us


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