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    I just received an e-mail from UC Athletics announcing a relationship with a tailgate & club/suites management firm, Revel XP. In addition to supplying tailgaters with tents, food, etc. (at some unannounced cost), there will be seven field-level suites situated somewhere behind Nippert's north end zone. I'm having trouble picturing where these will be squeezed in.

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    I missed the field level suite thing in the email but I'm guessing in the corner of that endzone over to the home stands? Maybe?

    I ran into an outfit like this planning taligating down here for an SMU game several years ago. If that group was any indication, this is NOT going to be a cheap option and is probably better suited to corporate outings.
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      Here's some additional information, from Justin Williams @ ($). And, yes, the field-level suites, which will be open-air, will not be cheap (in the thousands per game; perhaps $25,000 for a season):


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        We experienced these set-ups at the Miss St vs Auburn football game this past season. Pretty slick set-up with tents, tables, chairs, and big screen TVs. Started by 4 Auburn alum as Tailgate Guys, it's quite a story. The founders made out pretty well selling the company in 2020 as Covid hit and no fan experience at 2020 football games.


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