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    Danny's daughter is a freshman at Princeton HS. Scott Springer did a write-up about Fortson and Corie Blount and their daughters:

    [Fortson] last visited in December and was planning another visit soon, perhaps with Blount.

    "I'm supporting those guys," Fortson said. "I'm happy DerMarr (Johnson, another ex-UC NBA player) is on staff. Coach Wes is a young guy. I think he's got great energy and I think he's going to do good things for UC."

    I think Fortson is one of the most underappreciated UC players of all-time. Obviously, the 1992 team gets a lot of attention. People love the 2000 team, including Kenyon Martin. I don't think Fortson gets talked about much unless someone tries to revisit the Sean Kilpatrick jersey retirement subject. Fortson was a BEAST -- and was the star of the last team to get past the Sweet 16.
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    I agree, Fortson was a beast & his shots were money in the bank. With him on the court we had a better than even chance of beating any team we faced. A great player for UC & one of my favorite big men.
    He also had great career in the pros.


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      Fortson was a stud under the basket. There were so many fouls that should have been called on the opposing team because they used to hang all over him. He was so strong that he could go up for a shot or rebound with two guys hanging on to his arms.


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        After Fortson committed to UC, I remember watching the McD's AA game. My first impression was that Fortson was literally the only guy on the court boxing anybody out for rebounds


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          Fortson + Logan photo


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            Fortson was a man among boys. I loved his play. We need more of him.


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