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Rayvon Griffith 2023 OH SG 6'7 commit

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    Originally posted by Corporateballa View Post
    I hope Bearcat fans appreciate this young man more than they did/do Jaren Cumberland, Yancey Gates, and Jeremiah Davenport. The treatment of those young men (hometown heroes) has at times been embarrassing.
    Yancey would probably have been better off going elsewhere. He had too many people in his ear telling him he was great and could get by on talent alone. I was one of the fans that lamented how much better he would be if he put in a little off the court work to make his body more beastly than his naturally gifted genetics already were. I didn't hear any of that from Jaren or Jeremiah. Jaren worked his tail off and took some heat from fanbase when Brannen benched him, but we learned there was much more to that story. JD is a classy and talented guy who, like Keith before him, is never going to be a Sean Kilpatrick one man wrecking ball, but JD tries to do just that at times. I'll never fault a kid for trying as hard as JD does.
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      With Rayvon's commitment, moved UC into the #12 slot for team rankings. CWM obviously isn't done, so that ranking should improve.


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        I'm a little late to the party on this one, been traveling the past few days..... This is Huge! I'm guessing two years from now, NCAA Tourney Bound once again!


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