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Does Coach Miller get tougher ?

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  • Does Coach Miller get tougher ?

    So... here's my question... Does Coach Miller start to get tougher with this roster ? While I like Mason Madsen and thought he could help this team.. thus far, he's really provided nothing to this team THIS year.. so... does Coach Miller pull/encourage him to go elsewhere ? Sure.. its rough but... could a new recruit / portal player give this team more than Madsen can/will provide ? I'm hard pressed to say the answer is "no"... again... I'm not saying anything other than... at some point... does Coach have to just really be honest about skills ? I just don't know.
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    ...and just one followup.. this is not Mason Madsen specific... just wondering if at some point, Coach has got to get "hard core" in assessing the roster vs what it MUST be when looking at Big 12


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      We’ve seen over the years lots of guys who hung on the roster without providing much but turned into valuable guys as seniors.


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        I do not like the "one and done" players. UC has had one and I have never followed him after UC. I appreciate that UC can recruite under recruited, under the radar players (both in basketball and football) and see them develop under our coaching and turn into some great players. As a fan, I like following the players progress each year and then learn to relate to them and cheer for them. We have so many names in the current football team and we have had our share on the basketball team. I guess my point is that we have to hope or trust that CWM will develop players to be really good during their junior and senior years. When he (CWM) came here, he had Davenport who was dedicated to remain, and one non-scholarship player who had been promised a scholarship by the previous coach. He had to beg last year players to come back and supplement them with other players. We will not know for another year. Yes, I am rambling.


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          I think he needs to start yanking players out for throwing up a three when there's still 2/ 3rds of the clock remaining. He needs to get the point across that team bball is looking for the best shot and not the first one.


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