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Game 27: Wichita St. 2/17 7:00 ESPN2

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    Good to get a win. However, UC gave up 76 points to a team that averages about 68 or so. UC gave up 90 points to Tulsa, which at the time was the last place team. UC has now given up an average of 82 points a game over its last three games. UC's conference defensive stats are not much better from last year's team under J. Brannen. I don't know; I was hoping that defensively the team could be a lot better than last year. It makes me wonder if Miller oversold the administration on his defensive capabilities (as Brannen did). Time will tell. With this team, as we all have seen, when they are not hitting their shots, especially the 3-point shot, they are usually losing. Defense keeps a team in games when the scoring is cold. The major minutes go to the Brannen recruits (Davenport, Adams-Woods, DeJulius, and Saunders). Of this group, DeJulius and Adams-Woods are the better defenders. One of the problems I have noticed is that DDJ and Saunders constantly end up on taller guys. There is nothing that they can do with 6'5" and 6'6'' wing players when they are only 6"0'. Also, I noticed that early in the season when UC's defense was still pretty good, they played more of a switching man-to-man defense. They now play, and have been playing for a while, a straight-up man-to-man which depends more on matchups and being able to rotate to provide help. This UC team does not do a good job providing each other with help-side defense. Watch Ado and Koval. Very seldom do they provide help when the other team is driving the paint. Likewise, Miller appears not to be interested in playing the matchups. However, Cronin did not play the matchups either. Temple comes in next. They are going to be a problem because they have big guards. That is how they won that first game down the stretch; they singled out DDJ and picked on him. It worked. Dunn (6"5) hit the winning shot over DDJ. ECU attempted the same thing. UC got lucky in that game when DDJ hit the floater as time ran out. It may be too late for this team this year (an NIT birth may be in the cards; maybe, if they can win 20 games). The point is this, going into the Big 12 is not going to be easy. That is routinely one of the BEST defensive conferences in the country. Miller will not have his job long if UC cannot play Big 12 level defense (or offense). For now, it is interesting to see how this season is going to play out.
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      Even the announcer was dismayed with how quickly JD shot and the selection was wretched according to the announcer. Usually the espn+ guys suck up, but this guy was honest. Perhaps being a more seasoned announcer on ESPN2.


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        While this team can be maddening to watch, I think it is very similar to the situation that BDF walked into. The good coaches are about building a great culture and bringing in good kids. Over time this works out. The football team under Fickell that first year was unbearable. They barely beat Miami and looked awful against Marshall. They were blown out by USF, East Carolina, and UCF. Stupid penalties, couldn't tackle, and in the wrong place all day. Things that "good" coaching should fix. I have to admit I was pretty worried. I can only dream that Miller's tenure turns out to be as good as Fickell's, but he wasn't exactly handed a world class roster. I think he is going to be awesome and the results will let us know. I will tend to give him a pass this year though.

        One of the big questions I have is around strength. We have a lot of big guys that just seem to lose the ball pretty easily. I noticed it with Eason last year also. I don't every remember a team that loses the ball so easily, especially big men. Does Wes not put much emphasis on lifting? I used to love HIcks, Maxiell, and Fortson. They never lost the ball. We just don't seem to be that strong with the ball or in general.


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          ^Don't forget about Curtis Bostic. That guy was chiseled in granite.


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            Originally posted by Rufus View Post

            I wish Wes would sit Davenport the entire 2nd half, and play Hensley...
            I've been saying this for weeks now. Davenport is single handily destroying this teams chance of winning games by his selfish craving for three point makes. And they come at the most inopportune times ( if there is such a thing). If he is not hitting his shots get him on the bench and leave him there until her learns to pass the ball. Develope Hensley, get McGinnis some pt, **** put Sam Martin in at least he would try for an assist instead of jacking up air balls.[/QUOTE]

            Agree with this completely. Davenport seems like a great kid, just not a great basketball player. His BB IQ is horrible.


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              I'm not going to argue that Davenport's decision making isn't questionable at times. But he led us in +/- for the second straight game, which generally indicates he is a positive contributor to the team. Hensley was -3, Lakhin -4, which doesn't help to put a lot of faith in his potential backups. As a shooter he helps spread the floor unlike his backups.

              Davenport is frustrating, his decision making is frustrating, but he contributes in a lot of ways to make us a better team. He can and hopefully will improve over time with his decision making, but it's hard to see anyone on the bench who could come close to matching his impact.


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