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23-24 rotation

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  • 23-24 rotation

    Any thoughts? Situational or start the same 5 and then situational subbing. Of course by conference time different players may rise.

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    With everyone hypothetically at full health...

    I would say the three portal transfers (Fredrick, Lukosius, Reynolds) should definitely crack the rotation / all could potentially start.

    I think the other newcomers (James, Griffith, Thomas) are safely question marks, but surely at least one of Thomas and James would be in there

    Tolentino seems like the only other player returning that seems definitely unlikely to be in the rotation. And then you have Reed who you hope is in the mix, but he didn't see the floor a ton as a freshman.


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      I can be very critical of coach Miller and the coaching staff at times. However, they have put together a roster for next year that has plenty of size, potential scoring, depth, and experience. Whatever group of five guys that emerge as starters might be pretty good. I have one question though. How will Miller play Lakhin and Reynolds? It may be difficult to play them together because they both are primarily inside players. Also, Lakhin has problems guarding people on the perimeter. From what I have seen of Reynolds (and that is not much), he pretty much plays in the paint. It should be a big-time battle in practice between Lakhin and Reynolds. Both are big (Reynolds at 280 is really big), both can score, and both can rebound. They might make a nice 1-2 punch. The inside game should be one of the strengths of next year's team.

      Next year's team may also have a very nice bench. That has been something that UC has struggled with over the past 4 years or so. All-in-all, things are going in the right direction. However, we will see.
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        Agreed and I like the inside work of Simas with the bigs creating space,


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          Would anyone else like to see Reed get some time as a SF. We know he is a talented guy and a fine athlete, 6'7" 220 you would think he can rebound and score inside also.


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            Originally posted by rickscott View Post
            Would anyone else like to see Reed get some time as a SF. We know he is a talented guy and a fine athlete, 6'7" 220 you would think he can rebound and score inside also.
            Yesa and with his frame he can probably pull PF duty if needed.
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              I think the starters will be Vik, Reynolds, Skillings, MAW, and Fredrick, with MAW getting pushed early and often for both his starter role and playing time by both DaVeon and Jizzle James though not counting on James as a freshman.

              I can see Sage getting significant time subbing in for Reynolds and Vik depending on situation and foul trouble. Reed, Griffith, and Lukosius will all get a fair number of minutes too. I think the puzzle gets more complex if/when Newmann receives medical redshirt.

              By the end of the year the starting five might be Vik, Lukosius, Skillings, DaVeon, and Fredrick when they get a better feel for each other. I don't see the rotation slimming down with foul trouble and playing tough games every freaking game. I can see ten guys averaging 10 minutes a game, with another 2-3 subbing in a lot. Depth and overall talent are not bad problems to have. I have to think Skillings will have a breakout year. His playing time and saavy really improved/showed at end of last year.
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                RIP "2023-24 Roster" thread


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