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WVU Files Lawsuit Against the Big East

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    Originally posted by cmm27 View Post
    That seems to be the destination for this case. Though it would be the end destination anyway, because no matter what a lower court would rule the losing part would apeal immediately to a higher court. Expect this not to end any time soon.
    Rhode Island judge orders parties into non-bonding arbitration.;_yl...t-westvirginia

    Keep in mind the operative word here is non-binding, so it appears cmm27 is probably correct, whatever happens at the nogotiating table this could drag on for much longer.

    The sad thing in my opinion is the RI judge did not move forward with this sooner. Maybe he was out on Christmas break but it would have been nice to have the option for UC to fill WVU's role in the Orange Bowl and the Big East football teams sans WVU to split the bowl money.
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      The End of the BE-WVU Saga May Be Near

      The settlement reportedly is nearing completion, allowing the Mountaineers to leave early. There are some interesting facets of the following article, with WV trying to get an incoming BE member to break their contract with their old conference to join this summer. That most likely would allow for the Mounties to save some jack in their settlement.

      There's also a squirrelly idea of Rutgers and Cuse playing two games, if they can't come up with opponents.


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        Rutgers could play football home and home with Syracuse if West Virginia bolts for Big 12 immediately

        Big East, WVU near $20 million settlement
        The $20 million settlement figure is believed to be contingent on the Big East being able to get a replacement for West Virginia in 2012 and certainly could increase if it had to play with only seven members in 2012. It’s unknown if that $20 million figure includes the $5 million West Virginia paid upon notifying the Big East last October it was bolting to the Big 12.


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          Here's the report at a larger media outlet:

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