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B12 Presents 10-Team Conference Schedule To The Networks

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  • B12 Presents 10-Team Conference Schedule To The Networks

    Chuck Neinas has averred all along that the B12 would have a 10-team schedule in place no later than today, and he met the deadline. Of course, WVU is part of it.

    Certainly, the legal wranglings aren't over. The WV judge just tossed aside the latest BE attempt to put those proceedings on hold (or dismiss) until after the Providence judge rules. Not at all surprising.

    It's most likely, IMO, that WVU and the BE agree on some sort of humongous amount (and justifiably so), just to bury this entire episode. Just as the B12 had a scheduling deadline for the networks, I'm sure the BE does also.

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    It's pretty clear that WV assumes they're gone from the BE. They just dumped their road game at FL St for 2012, because the B12 schedule has nine games for each team, so a WV foe had to go. Of course, they got rid of the tough road contest.


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