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Where will Notre Dame Land?

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  • Where will Notre Dame Land?

    This author has a five-part series on what ND will do. These include (1) staying independent (2) Joining the SEC (3) - (4) - (5) joining the B!G or the ACC or the Big12. Here are parts one - staying independent and two -joining the SEC:
    Notre Dame Football: The Case for Remaining Independent Moving Forward - One Foot Down
    The Case for Notre Dame Football to join the SEC (
    If any of you see the next three editions, please post them. Frankly, I do not care much about ND nor where they go. However, in my opinion, they have one clear choice in the future and that is the B!G. Otherwise, they will become irrelevant.

    The reason that I post this is that the Big 12 will be evaluated. Which will probably be eliminated based on the same criteria as the SEC.

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    As long as ND has an in for the CFP, they will remain both independent and relevant. If they miss CFP a few years in a row (has Noter Shame ever had a multi year stretch of not being in the top 15?), then they will start losing recruits.
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