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Any seniors coming back for the extra year?

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  • Any seniors coming back for the extra year?

    I heard that Malik Vann might be returning for the extra season. Anybody else coming back that you know of?

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    CLF said on one of his radio shows that there are players considering returning, but he wouldn’t comment on specifics.


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      Interesting to see if Josh Whyle decides to return. I’ve seen him listed on a lot of draft boards, but he mostly looks like a day 3 guy. If he comes back he could move up.


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        It would be interesting to see if Whyle comes back. If he does, it would show that he has great confidence with Evan.


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          Gardner is a junior. Any chance he returns?


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            Originally posted by Greg7173 View Post
            Gardner is a junior. Any chance he returns?
            There is absolutely no chance that Sauce will be back next season. He's a projected 1st round draft pick, which means big $$$ and a lot of guaranteed money.

            I expect Jabari Taylor, Javon Hicks and Wil Huber to be back, since they aren't projected to be drafted. They could be signed as Undrafted Free Agents though.

            Josh Whyle and/or Lenny Tylor could come back to improve their draft value next year.

            I wouldn't be surprised to see Jerome Ford comeback next season to compete for the Heisman Trophy. He has the talent and we'll return our entire OL.
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