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    Saw today that Arkansas lost a good number of athletes to the portal, but picked up a slew of great players, including 5 players from LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

    That is going to be a tough game, for sure!

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    I am conflicted on how to think about programs like UCF and Are-Kansas will perform with so many new players. Talent is good, but consistency is also good. All 11 players need to do their jobs and that isn't as easy as it sounds with so many new faces. I am shocked that we have seven returning starters on defense, plus several LBs and D-linemen who saw a fair amount of playing time. While losing Sauce and Coby will be tough, I think we have some young guys who will step up. Fortunately, we play them in the first game when offense is usually way ahead of defense. They will be highly ranked, but I think we are in a good position to play well against them, and possibly win the game.
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