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Jason Stamm Discusses Cincy on LockedOn Texas Tech

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  • Jason Stamm Discusses Cincy on LockedOn Texas Tech

    Good listen!

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    Either this was recorded prior to spring practice or Stamm hasn't been paying attention. When discussing Dontay Corleone, he didn't mention the life-threatening blood clotting that might end his football career. He also placed Brady Drogosh as the probable #3 QB, which wouldn't be the case, considering that he spent all spring at LB.

    Stamm also stated that running a 3-man D-line was new under Satterfield, which isn't true. Marcus Freeman introduced the 3-5-5 to UC when he was OC under Fickell. Corleone played in that system. Even Mike Tressel used the 3-5-5 a good portion of the time. What UC played last year in Bryan Brown's D system called for the linemen to do a lot of lateral movement, rather than aggressively attacking into the backfield, as Tressel had them doing. That, more than anything, contributed to Corleone having less of an impact. He blows guards and centers up, an ability that the Cats may very well be missing this year. Corleone didn't go from PFF's #1 graded defensive player in the country to just really good for no reason.


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      Stamm not's paying attention. One of this own writers at Rivals had Corleone out 9 days ago. He has multiple Rivals sites going on and we're an afterthought for him. The Cincinnati Rivals site has been in the wind Since BCL jumped to 247. Jason bought the leftover Rivals website and changed the name. He's not doing anything I'm not doing tbh and possibly less since all of news gets forwarded from the National site. This site is free. I know I'm not perfect but I'm a volunteer and he's charging you money. I'd tell you what Rivals charges but their subscription link on the site doesn't even work.
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