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    As we look at recruits, two verbal commits so far, I was curious how many spots we would have so copied this from around page 4 or 5 of the 23/24 roster discussion.The years left indicate how many years after 23/24. We have three definite open recruit slots for 24/25 (CJ, Ody, and John Newmann III), with two others possible if we get waivers or the player goes pro if waiver falls thru (Jamille and Aziz). Of course things could change during the season, players transfer, or hopefully someone like Vik or Skillings is so impressive they enter the draft. Either way, minimum 3 slots open.

    1. Rayvon Griffith (FR, 3 years left no COVID waiver)
    2. Jizzle James (FR, 3 years left no COVID waiver)
    3. Sage Tolentino (RS FR, 3 years left)
    4. Dan Skillings (SO, 2 years left no COVID waiver)
    5. Josh Reed (SO, 2 years left no COVID waiver
    6. Viktor Lakhin (RS JR 1 year left, maybe 2 years, assuming he can get a COVID year for the season he was hurt or Medical Redshirt)
    7. DaVeon Thomas (JR 1 year left)
    8. Jamille Reynolds (SR one year left, could be 23/24 if he gets waiver - maybe open for recruit)
    9. CJ Fredrick (Graduate - last year/open for recruit)
    10. Simas Lucosius (JR 1 year left)
    11. Ody Oguama (Graduate - last year/open for recruit)
    12. John Newman (Graduate - last year/open for recruit)
    13.Aziz Abandaogo (SR one year left, could be 23/24 if he gets waiver - maybe open for recruit)
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    Per CWM, Sage was granted a medical red shirt for last season.


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